23 October 16

Airfix P 39

Very old kit, threw it together and enjoyed the build. Despite lead in the nose still a Tail Sitter.  Odd to find decals oversized but too late as they were already being applied before it became obvious.

June 2016 Matthew Completes the Comet Collection

23 Apr 16

Airfix Hurricane Mk 1s (both new kits with Fabric Wing)

Well Engineered kits these but I struggles to complete them.  Lessons learned - don't be lazy with the masking; check colour schemes:

25 Jan 16

Airfix Ki47 Dinah (1960s kit)

Again new Airfix decals are excellent, though I messed up the yellow fuselage band - brokenon the other side!

1 Canopy doesn't fit! Extremely   poor frame definition; tried to mask it but didn't quite nail it
2 Not really worth detailing the cockpit - can't see much but straps visible
3 Painting:

  1. on wings measured the width of decals and got right band widths, made error with fuselage though and didn't make white band wide enough; 
  2. Led astray by instruction sheet and position of pitot on port wing . Positioned white band in relation to position of kit pitot but turns out this isn't in the same place on the decal drawing!

16 Jan 16

Airfix Me 109E (1980s kit)

New Airfix decals are excellent, this old kit though is not so good:

1 Canopy doesn't fit! And very poor frame definition
2 Loads of Rivets

Still it looks OK when finished.
Lesson to self though is to check colours - upper surfaces should be Grey and Dark Green (to be fair the instruction sheet in black and white made this distinction difficult to make out)

14 Jan 16

Matchbox Me 109E 

Still a great little kit

5 Jan 16

Airfix F51D


  1.  Use airbrush for natural metal finish - need to find the damned airbrush!
  2.  Follow Instructions carefully - wheels are on the wrong oleos and its noticeable because they have flattened bottoms
  3. Decals - Micro Set & Sol worked well but decals incorrect placement - again follow instructions
  4. Excellent kit 

10 Dec 2015 After 4 years of building Matthew and I finish our Buccaneers:

20 Dec 2015 and just a week to do a DH Comet:

From 2007 - Matthew's 1st Model

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