Monday, 20 June 2016

Trossachs Ton - Failure and Human Kindness

Yesterday, along with a few hundred others I attempted the Trossach's Ton 106 miler.  This was to have been my 1st Century ride.  Sadly it didn't go to plan.  Whilst crossing a wet cattle grid on the southern shore of Loch Katrine (63 miles into the ride) my bike skidded and I was thrown clear - both myself and the bike receiving damage - me more cuts and bruises but unfortunately the bike was hors de combat.

I am writing this post to thank those who helped me to get back to the start point.  To Grant and Lorna - who took a bleeding cyclist into their car and delivered me back to Aberfoyle where I could contact Event Control- I hope I didn't spoil your day out too much.  To Kirsty - Paramedic, Mountaineer and Jumbo Jet pilot - who cleaned me up, gave me flap jacks and took me an my bike in her camper van back to Stirling.

Thank You for putting yourselves out to help me.